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Windmills Formentera

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Windmills Formentera

Windmills Formentera

In many ways the island can see the sleek windmills that decorate the landscape of Formentera. Desdel Mola Sant Francesc Sant Ferran and you can see thegiant wind elegant, whitewashed and with its huge and rustic wooden blades.Some are in better shape than others but all with their own style, they remind us, the island was in the past.
During the sixteenth century, is when they start the windmills implementednationally in both the Peninsula and in the Balearic Islands, especially in waterscarce areas. Until late last century, the mills were essential and had various types: mills salineros, potters mills, mills extractors of water … but the most used was the flour mill. In the case of Formentera, the time when the island was under Roman rule, were built seven windmills flour type. Formentera was known as the “land of wheat,” from which it takes its name (frumentaria in Latin means “belonging to wheat”). Of these seven mills were located in different areas, still remain standing five and can be visited by tourists.
There are two in Sant Francesc Xavier: the Moli den and Mateu, 1773, 1760Molí Gerona, one in Sant Ferran, Molí Tauet 1760 and two inthe Molaambos1893: Molí Simon (IllesBalears Foundation dela property) and Moli Botiga den,of which only the tower. There was also another mill in Es Cap de Barbaria, of which only the foundations remain.
If you want to visit and remember a little history of Formentera, do not forget tobook your place in a Formentera hostel and enjoy a rustic, unspoiled landscape of the remaining few. And remember that if you do not find vacancies in hotels Formentera, you can always find a room  in one of the many Ibiza hotels and then travel to Formentera with the Ferry Formentera.

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