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The largest sailing ship in the world was seen in Formentera

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Day 10 Celebrity Sightings - The 70th Annual Cannes Film FestivalThe largest sailing ship in the world has been sighted this summer in the waters of Formentera. And the beaches of Formentera are among the best in the world, its crystalline waters and its “Flower Power” parties (among many other elements) make this island an object of desire for multimillionaires with the best boats that exist in this world.
The boat we see in the picture is the largest sailing ship in the world. Designed by Philippe Starck, with two swimming pools and a team of 30 people to handle the boat of Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichenko, his wife and daughter. The sailboat has an estimated value of 400 million euros and receives as its name the first letter of our alphabet, ‘A’. It is 143 meters long, has eight floors, a landing strip for helicopters on one of its bridges and an underwater observation room. The height of its masts has been compared with the Big Ben of London … These are some of the facts that make this sailing ship unique in the world, like the island of Formentera, which is also unique.

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