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The great victory of SD Formentera

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¡Goooool! Goooooool! Golazoooooooo! And it is that this has been the most epic moment that the Formentera Sports Society has experienced, this time playing at the home of the Atlethic Club of Bilbao; overcoming the tie of the first leg, and with a goal in minute 95 ‘, managed to overcome this round of the Copa del Rey and qualified for the knockout stage before a classic of this competition.

It does not happen every day that a 2nd B team manages to eliminate a 1st division team, so in the FormenteraTravel blog and throughout Formentera we are celebrating. Our most heartfelt congratulations to all the players of SD Formentera and their fans, who made the impossible possible.

We look forward to knowing who will be the next rival … Barça? the Madrid? Atletico? ….. we are still dreaming!

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