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Joseph Maria Moreau Exhibition

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From 11th to 23rd of June in Formentera, we have the opening of the exhibition of Joseph Maria Moreau that will show his art at the Sala d’Exposicions “Vell City Council” Plaça de Constitució Sant Francesc Xavier

exposicion JM Moreau

exposicion JM Moreau

If you want to spend your holiday on the island, here are some hotels in Formentera.


Monday to Saturday
11h – 14h
And from 18h – 21h

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Formentera Charts

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Cinema, news on the big screen this June

As of June in Formentera will be new releases in movies for the enjoyment of everyone with a card that offers shooting such as Battleship or untouchable.

Cine junio

Cine junio

If you want to spend your holiday on the island and still don’t have your hotel Formentera, Formentera Travel recommends some of them.


The Ides of March
Friday 1 at 21:30 and Sunday 3 at 21:00

Group 7
Friday 8 to 21:30 and Sunday 10 at 21:00

Friday 15 at 21:30 and Sunday 17 at 21:00

Friday 22 at 21:30 and Sunday 24 at 21:00

Friday 29 at 21:30 and
Sunday July 1 at 21:00

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Concert in Formentera

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Concert in Formentera – June 2nd

In Formentera the next few days they celebrate the festival of Sant Ferran and the band of Santa Eulalia offer a magnificent concert in Constitution Square, opposite the town hall, perfect for enjoying good music before eating.

Concierto Formentera

Concierto Formentera

If you do not have accommodation and are thinking of going to enjoy the beach, sun and music in any consultation Formentera offers hotels Formentera.







Besides the concert, organize a chess tournament and a singing performance, with songs typical of the islands.


In Plaça de la Constitució – Formentera

Musical Performance of the Banda de Santa Eulalia – 13:30 pm
XXIII Chess Tournament – 16:30 pm
Folk songs – 21:00 pm

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Weekends at Formentera

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Traditional dances and music for a long weekend.



This weekend in Formentera, to provide an excellent weekend, we have several events that you enjoy the sweet herbal liqueur orelletas and learn from the culture of Formentera, and live in the most relax.

If youdo not have your hotel in Formentera in Formentera Travel we recommend some of them.



Displays of traditional dances by the “colles” It Xacoters and is Pastorells
Plaza de La Constitució at 12:00.

Institutional Act. Address of the President of the Island Council of Formentera, Hon. Mr. Jaume Ferrer Ribas. Tasting “orelletes” (typical sweet) and sweet herbs
Plaza de La Constitució at 13 h.


child storyteller
Villangómez Marià Library at 17 h


Formentera All Round Trial race (Formentera All Round Trail)
To walk out of La Savina at 7 pm

Shoe exhibition Natalia shipwrecked with stories and pictures of Enric Centelles Servera
Exhibition Hall (City Council Vell) at 13.30 h
Open until March 17, 11 to 14 h

Concert “pedres Dues” with Cris Juanico and Joan Sola-Morsales
Culture Room (film) at 21 h

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Painting exhibition by Helen Belzer

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Shadow and Light Strokes
From May 28th at 20:00 hours on June 9, open Monday to Saturday from 11:00 to 14:00

Exposicion helena bezler

Exposicion helena bezler

Formentera is a very special place for painting and has inspired many artists, who have found the island a perfect place to create his work or get a rich source of inspiration.

If you’re on vacation and the painting is also one of your hobbies, you can enjoy both the sun and the beach as a good exposure. Find your hotel Formentera and enjoy the island.

The artist shown in Belzer Helena City Council room Vell de Sant Francesc Xavier some of his most striking works titled “Traces of shadow and light”, where the contrasts are the major players.

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Green Routes Formentera – a green alternative

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Green Routes Formentera – a green alternative

Formentera, with its 82 km. square, is ideal to be explored on foot or by cycling through green routes, which divided into 19 routes, will help us learn more about the island and its hidden beaches in a more natural and organic way. If you do not have accommodation you can learn about the offers of the hotels Formentera.

Formentera Town Council has published a brochure in the proposed 19 well-marked paths to learn more about the island and enjoy the scenery playing sports and being respectful to the environment .. Most of these green routes offer an alternative to roads and you can walk through any of them without fear of getting lost.

These routes are also perfect for horseback up and is especially recommended ascent on foot to La Mola by former Roma Camí along the coast as there are magnificent views.

Along these paths will cross agricultural areas of vineyards, dunes and pine forests declared as Space Natural Areas of Interest, panoramic views over the port of La Savina, beautiful coves and beaches, with architecture typical houses and stone walls, houses and slipways fishing, areas of rich vegetation and avifauna.

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Formentera Tango Festival

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Formentera Tango Festival

From 27 May to 3 June marks the
Tango Festival Formentera

Tango Festival

Tango Festival

If you plan a holiday in Formentera, the most relaxing one of the Balearic islands, and would like to enjoy the tango in all its essence, takes this opportunity and book now in one of Formentera hotels.

Read here the program of this festival for lovers of tango on the island.



Sunday, May 27:


Monday, May 28:

11.00 – 18.00 Lessons
18.30 – 20.00 Milonga in the evening at the Bon Gust San Francisco Bar
22.30 -> Milonga Night Club of Maryland

Tuesday, May 29:

11.00 – 18.00 Lessons
18.30 – 20.00 Milonga afternoon in San Francisco (in the square)
22.30 -> Milonga Night Club of Maryland teachers exibition of Diego Ricardo Romero and Larrea Horrillo Ainara

Wednesday, May 30:

11.00 – 18.00 Lessons
18.30 – 20.00 Milonga afternoon at the Artisan Market at El Pilar de La Mola
22.30 -> Night Club Milonga Marcelo Ramer and Maryland Forest Mastroti

Thursday, May 31:
11.00 – 18.00 Lessons
18.30 – 20.00 Milonga in the evening at the Lucky Bar (on the beach Mitjorn)
22.30 -> Night Club Milonga Maryland exibition of teachers Marcela Guevara and Stefano Giudice

Friday, June 1:

11.00 – 18.00 Lessons
18.30 – 20.00 Milonga in the evening at the Blu Bar (on the beach Mitjorn)
22.30 -> Milonga in San Fernando (in the square)

Saturday, June 2:

11.00 – 18.00 Lessons
22.30 -> Milonga Night Club of Maryland

Sunday, June 3:


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Spring 2012 art collective in Gabrielet

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Spring 2012 art collective in Gabrielet

The art center Gabrielet Antoni Tur of Formentera presents Friday at 20:00 from the shows ‘Collective d’Art, Spring 2012′ works by a dozen artists linked to the island will take place That disciplines as painting and sculpture Such, as well as Different techniques.

Arte Primavera

Arte Primavera

Whether you enjoy art, and the beach and a good holiday, we recommend you consult our guide to  hotels Formentera

This meeting theme and AIMS to publicize the work of artists living on the island. Each will Contribute Between 1 and 3 works and the exhibition runs from May 5 to May 11.

The exhibition will feature the works of Robert Hawkins, Joseph Maria Moreu, Rachel Bocanegra Caramazana, Kokowashi Franz, Nieves Lopez, Teresa Matilla, Enric Riera, Emilia Brussoni, Diki, Aaron Keydar, Daniel Ventura and Francisco Lucas Simon.

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Insotel Formentera Playa Hotel launches a special last-minute offer for May and June

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If you book your holiday before 31/05 and you’ll be more than 2 nights in Formentera between 13/05 and 13/06, do not think twice, take the opportunity and stay in a fantastic 4 star beachfront one of the best beaches of Formentera.

You will have a 20% discount and free children in Insotel Formentera Playa Hotel. ****. As explained on their website: << … thanks to its convenient location and the quality of its services and facilities is the perfect place for those who wish to disconnect from everyday stress and seek tranquility … >>, an ideal to make a break and get away from everyday stress.

You can book from the website of this hotel in Formentera.

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Gastronomic Party in Formentera

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Once again, the intercultural festival of Formentera is an example of participation and integration among the many nationalities living on the island and the wide array of regions present in Formentera.

Nothing like enjoying such events being  in any of Formentera hotels in between such cultural variety.

Gastronomia Formentera

Gastronomia Formentera

Between countries and autonomic communities exceeded the score of stands in which the audience could taste the typical specialties of the countries with a very different cuisine Spanish or Formentera.
The Brazilians prepared sarapatel, soup of beans, and salgandihnos docinhos, Ecuadorians made hoses and pudding broth typical Dominicans Moor marked beans, macaroni and cheese and cooked meat and the typical Peruvian kebabs and the famous chili chicken.
Colombia, Chile and Paraguay tamales, beer, pies, guacamole and competed with his Paraguayan chipa starch, cassava pie, KABURE, pork and other manejares juiti that rivaled proposals Indonesia fried rice with chicken skewers and peanut sauce, a typical Italian risotto. The Romanian tocanita potatoes with smoked meat, couscous Moroccan or German varieties almost unpronounceable name.
In the field flamenquines Spanish Andalusia, Extremadura crumbs and sausage, ear, Moor and chorizo ​​with potatoes to the Galician calçots with romesco typical Catalan and Castilian lamb stew Mancha without forgetting the typical paella Formentera with their bunyols of dessert.
The party was a veritable orgy of tastes and flavors in which some flavors discovered unpublished and others saw how to combine in a totally different the same ingredients used daily.
In the musical question, more of the same: Galician pipers, dancing flamenco, Argentine tango pericón, ball pagés by the Colla is Xacoters of the island, cueca, weaving and dancing to the band Chilean cumbia, merengue and salsa burst the day.

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Sesion Cocoon Heroes Formentera

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Cocoon Heroes Formentera

Cocoon Heroes Formentera

Who said there was no holiday in Formentera? For the last few weeks the party Cocoon is very strong hitting club in the Tipic of Formentera. Tipic is a little smaller and intimate. But certainly no less intense! He has also recently been equipped with enhanced sound system and is the ideal place for some tripspirates of the heroes of Cocoon.

They were giving enough cane Sven Vath Ibiza as resident DJ and this summerdecided to invade the smallest of the Balearic Islands.

Artists such as Marco Carola, Tobi Neumann and Miss Kittin will be in the Cocoon sessions Heroes Formentera. So from now that you know, on ThursdayTipic have an appointment with the best DJ’s worldwide.

So you can go out on Thursday in search of your ferry Formentera  and embark on an adventure in search of that will undoubtedly be the best party of your Formentera holidays this summer 2011.


Cocoon Heroes
Marco Carola + Maurizio Schmitz

Cocoon Heroes
Tobi Neumann + Francisco Allendes

Miss Kittin

Cocoon Heroes
Josh Wink + Francisco Allendes

Cocoon Heroes
Onur Özer + Guti (Live)

Cocoon Heroes
Frank Lorber + Dorian Paic

Cocoon Heroes
André Galluzzi + Francisco Allendes

Cocoon Heroes
Dorian Paic + Ilario Alicante

Cocoon Heroes
Sascha Dive + Chris Tietjen

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Ethnography Museum in Formentera

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Ethnography Museum in Formentera

Ethnography Museum in Formentera

The Ethnography Museum of Formentera is located specifically  Sant Francescand holds an exhibition of all types of traditional tools and utensils used by the inhabitants of Formentera at different times, times when tourism was not yet on the island.

The exhibition, organized by subject area shows the field using tools the farmersdecades ago, traditional tools of various trades of Formentera, typical furniture,vintage clothing that was worn at the time, tools for tasks such as preparing thebread, wine, shoe making, stone quarrying or production of salt in the salt, among others …

Each tool reflects the lifestyle that was in those times, representing the daily life of the traditional Formentera in the second half of the twentieth.

This is another tourism options which gives us the beautiful island of Formentera.Do not hesitate and come visit the ethnographic museum of the island, book your Formentera hotel  and get ready for a  Formentera holidays withtraditional dot.

More information:
Ethnography Museum in Formentera
Carrer Jaume I, s / n
07860 Sant Francesc Xavier
Tel 971 32 26 70
free admission

Summer hours:
Monday to Friday: 10:00 to 14:00 18:00 to 20:00 h. Saturday: 10:00 to 14:00 h.Sundays: Closed

Monday to Saturday: 10:00 to 14:00 h. Sundays: Closed

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4 de copes … unstoppable!

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4 de copes

4 de copes

The rock band Formentera, 4 copes is working hard and proof of this is that this year have gotten the word Jove Sant Jordi Institut d’Estudis Eivissencs and the second edition of Music Contest Festerra. And have a performance in the activities of the Festas de la Terra, Ibiza.

The event’s main objective Festerra promote musical creation in the Pitiusasand give greater importance to the use of Catalan. In this event the five finalistsacted for 40 minutes before a jury multidisciplinary assessment was responsible for the actions of the bands.

With the first prize in the contest Festerra, 4 copes will record a disc by theBalearic Government, as a reward for being the only band that wonrepresentative of Formentera to Ibiza to 16 groups in the competition.

Mari Cardona, singer and guitar, and Peter Verdera, drums and vocals, they point to record their next album, the 4th band’s work, they will “experiment withnew sounds, experiment with synthesizers and make more music in the square,in short, more cane. ”

We leave the theme of 4 copes heard, “puc not stop,” so enjoy it while you enjoy your Formentera holidays. Wherever you are, the you can listen from your mobile device, whether you are on the Formentera beach or in your apartment Formentera.


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