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History and Caipirinha recipe

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The caipirinha is a Brazilian cocktail of São Paulo contains rum, lime, sugar and ice.

Cachaça is the main ingredient, is a spirit unique to Brazil and is obtained through the distillation of sugar cane. The history of its production goes back to the sixteenth century. During this time, the remains of cachaça production is delivered to the slaves who took it to withstand long hours of work mixed with various fruit juices such as orange, lemon, passion fruit and lime but the most popular was which is mixed with lime peel. Over time they developed different versions of the same up to the current recipe

In 2003 the government of Lula instituted as official Brazilian traditional drink.

It is now so popular that there are multiple versions of the same, such as caipiroska where the rum is replaced by vodka or what is known as caipirissima where the rum is replaced by rum. Granada is also added, to acquire a strawberry flavor. We can find another variant called caipirisco and preparing the same way but substituting rum for pisco. In Portugal usually replace the rum with the typical “Beirão Liquor” and called caipirão. There are other alternatives like using wine in place of rum, known as caipivino. Bolivia also have their version in particular in replacing the traditional cachaça singani.

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Until then, here’s the recipe:

Ingredients to make a Caipirinha:

- 1 lime

- Cachaça

- Brown sugar

- Crushed ice


Chop and crush the lime in the glass to get all the juice. He adds brown sugar and crushed ice. Then add the cachaça, the amount will depend on the taste you want to give.

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