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Formentera Vs Athletic Club of Bilbao. The goal of Formentera.

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We will not be impartial. We are not going to be objective. Today we are going to talk about the fantastic goal that marked Formentera playing at home against Athletic Club de Bilbao, a goal that will always remember the team and its fans.

And although the final result was a tie (1 – 1), you can see in the video how the stands were euphoric, how that goal was lived in Formentera and how we can boast that goal for weeks, months, even years.
In Formentera was experienced with great intensity this party, since not every day the Formentera faces a rival as powerful as Athletic Club of Bilbao, that if they counted at all times with the support of the whole island of Formentera and of its official sponsor, Trasmapi.

We now have the illusion of playing in a legendary stadium, the cathedral of San Mamés, where the lions of Bilbao and Formentera will play the next round in this edition of the Copa del Rey. Formentera Go!

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